Nickname for texas

nickname for texas

The distinctive five-pointed star and the nickname "Lone Star State" are recognized the world over; Texas finally made the nickname official in. After being in West Texas for a while, I've heard a lot of nicknames for Texas cities. Some of them aren't all sunshine and roses. Read about the 'friendly' Texas state motto and find out about its historical meaning. Learn also the state's nicknames and funny slogans.

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Remember the Alamo "Remember the Alamo" - this phrase is so important to the state that it is included on the reverse of the seal. The unofficial nicknames listed here are those that have been used for such a long time or have gained so wide a currency that they have become well known in their own right. Heathen Boleo Renee Raven. Login username password forgot password? YES, Activate My Account Now! Their water tower is even painted to look like a watermelon.


Dirk Nowitzki Gives Conan The Texas Citizenship Test nickname for texas State Music Hall of Fame. Learn something new every day More Info Add Media for The Lone Star State Add a New Page. All Categories of State Symbols. Links auf radsport online Wörterbuch oder einzelne Übersetzungen sind herzlich willkommen! With a name like Brownfield, the nickname is really a no-brainer.

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